Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes Kottage RV unique from other Park Models?

Kottage RV is made with solid steel shipping containers as its base structure with a Patent Pending Slide Out Technology which provides more living space.

2. What are the Written Guarantees of Kottage RV?

We offer a 15-year “Structural Warranty” that is unheard of in the park model RV industry. On top of that, we also give a 5-year “Leak-Proof Warranty” to secure your investment.

3. How does Kottage RV prevent rodents and other animals from getting inside the park model trailer?

Kottage RV is made out of solid steel structure, not one hole is put into the actual container structure itself except the windows and doors cutouts. In short, no rodents and other pesky animals would penetrate the wall of Kottage RV. This makes Kottage RV an outstanding manufacturer of shipping container homes in Canada.

4. Is Kottage RV environmentally friendly?

Yes. Kottage RV is environmentally friendly since it uses recycled materials and green building procedures.

 5. Can you use Hardie Plank for the exterior and pine for the interior walls?

Yes. Kottage RV’s can be customized on the exterior as well as the interior, we can practically use any material that you like.

6. What type of insulation do you use?

Our insulation is 2 inches of closed cell sprayfoam which gives our steel frame a vapor barrier and makes for an R20 wall value that will stand the test of time.

 7. Can the exterior be clad with non-structural foam panel to increase the R-Value from 20 to 30?

Yes. We can customize the units to increase the R-Values to your specifications as needed.

8. Are the original ISO Container bottom corner fittings still in place accessible to utilize twist-locks to secure the unit with?

Yes. The container corner fittings are all still there in place for easy access.

9. Is there any flexibility in the floor plan and overall design to expand the bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, and counter-tops including where the doors and windows will be?  

Yes.  Kottage RV is 100% customizable as we build to order.

10. Can I put a solar panel on the roof?

Of course you can! Since the roof is solid steel and can hold up over 300 lbs. per square feet, you can literally grow a garden or even place a hot tub on the roof.

ISO shipping cargo containers are tested in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 1496/1. The roof load test is 660 lbs. over an area of 2′ x 1′ applied to the weakest part of the roof. The load is usually applied at the center of the containers positioned with the 2′ dimension aligned longitudinally. Thus the roof is able to support an imposed load of a minimum of 330 lbs. per sq. ft. evenly distributed.

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