KOTTAGE RV, B.C., builds a superior park model RV trailer home out of shipping containers. The RV’s are manufactured to meet high         standards and are engineered to meet residential dwelling codes CSA z241 Park Model Code. Kottage RV’s are made with a solid steel structure that offers incredible strength when compared to a typical park model’s wood and aluminum construction. This means our elements stand up to the elements- high wind, earthquake, fire, even falling tree branches. They offer outstanding security. There is a new trend for an RV park model Trailers DESTINATION RVs Shipping Container Homes.

Many RV and outdoor enthusiasts have become aware of the negative environmental impacts of the large vehicles required to tow RV trailers and campers. Kottage RV also understands the large amount of work required to pack up the trailer, tow it to a site, set it up and then repeat the process. For these reasons, many people are choosing to purchase recreational properties where they can set up their RV in a semi-permanent fashion. This trend is called “Destination RV-ing”!

KOTTAGE RV has a full line of Park Model Units designed to make your destination RV experience all that it should be! If the whole point of having an RV is to enjoy being out in the nature, it only stands to reason that you should be concerned about how your product impacts nature. Kottage RV’s are made from 100% recycled and recyclable steel. The RV can be completely remodeled inside to meet the user’s preferences!

Email today for more information or visit Kottage RV’s website: http://www.kottagerv.com/